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Ryan Considering a Run. What Say You?

For me, Paul Ryan may be a dream candidate. I’d be pretty excited if he got into the race. Thrilled, even. What say you guys? I know it’s a big jump from Congress to the White House but look, Obama… Continue Reading →

Klavan on Ryan’s Plan vs. Obamacare

I think Klavan sums it up pretty nicely.

Paul Ryan Kills Grandmas

This is disgusting. And also incredibly hypocritical. The same people who are all for euthanasia and death panels are essentially calling Paul Ryan a murderer for trying to save Medicare. This is politics at its worst. HT The Weekly Standard

Paul Ryan on the Budget Crisis

The good news is that the decision is still in the hands of Americans to choose long lasting prosperity over doom. The bad news is that it’s still in the hands of Americans to choose. Come on, let’s face it,… Continue Reading →

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