For me, Paul Ryan may be a dream candidate. I’d be pretty excited if he got into the race. Thrilled, even. What say you guys?

I know it’s a big jump from Congress to the White House but look, Obama went right from the Senate to the White House and…oh…well, that’s not a good example.

I’ll agree that it feels a bit like we’re pulling someone out of AAA ball and naming him starting pitcher for the World Series. But I think Ryan might just be ready for it. I think Ryan has shown leadership and a strong grasp of the issues, especially the economic ones. Remember, he ate Obama’s lunch during that Obamacare dog and pony show. He ate it up but good.

Is he a little wonky? Yeah, maybe. But maybe the country needs a little wonkiness right now as opposed to Obama’s high-falutin speeches with zero substance.

I can already see that they’ll mock him for being so young. SNL will probably have someone impersonate him with one of those propeller hats or something and all the media will agree that it’s hilarious because it’s sooooo true and show it over and over.

Anyway, the Weekly Standard is reporting:

Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is strongly considering a run for president. Ryan, who has been quietly meeting with political strategists to discuss a bid over the past three months, is on vacation in Colorado discussing a prospective run with his family. Ryan’s concerns about the effects of a presidential campaign – and perhaps a presidency – on his family have been his primary focus as he thinks through his political future.

Paul Ryan

“He’s coming around,” says a Republican source close to Ryan, who has been urging the 41-year-old to run.

“With Paul, it’s more about obligation than opportunity,” says another Wisconsin Republican. “He is determined to have the 2012 election be about the big things. If that means he has to run, he’s open to it.”

So, in short, I’m interested where your heads are on Ryan, a pro-life Catholic.

We haven’t talked about him much here because I didn’t think he was running. What say you?