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Greatest Conspiracy Ever – The Resurrection!

Great video about how the evil Church may have started by faking the resurrection. Muhuhahahaha!!!! It’s funny ’cause it’s true. HT The One True Faith

Worst Apostles…Ever!

One of the things that kept going through my mind this past weekend was how the Church which has changed the world for 2,000 years must be divinely inspired – mostly because the people initially in charge were a shambles…. Continue Reading →

Michelangelo was an Anti-Catholic Kabhallist

Michelangelo hid a secret code in the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel comprising mystical Jewish symbols and insults aimed at the Pope, according to a new book which was (surprise surprise) written by a Rabbi. This according to The West.com… Continue Reading →

Documentary: Papacy is a Sham

It’s amazing to me that every Easter and Christmas the media decides to attack Catholicism, Jesus, Christianity and say that it “shakes the pillars” of everything we believe. The major proponent of this every Christian holy day is Dr. Robert… Continue Reading →

This Night Gives Me Hope

This night of Good Friday leaves me considering the beginnings of Christianity. And I wonder if the greatest proof of Christ’s divinity is how messy, poor and cowardly Christianity’s beginnings were. Have you ever seen a religion start so poorly?… Continue Reading →

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