One of the things that kept going through my mind this past weekend was how the Church which has changed the world for 2,000 years must be divinely inspired – mostly because the people initially in charge were a shambles.

Come Good Friday. Jesus was crucified on the cross. Peter, the Rock(?), had already denied Jesus three times. Judas, one of the twelve, had betrayed Jesus and was on his way to committing suicide. Thomas was doing his doubting thing.

The night before, Jesus in what must have been obvious distress, had asked Peter, James, and John, to pray with him and they promptly fell asleep.

After the crucifixion, followers of Jesus scattered in despair. We have recounted for us the two dispirited followers walking to Emmaus in doubt about everything.

Now, take a snapshot right then and if you’re putting money down on whether this group of people who worshipped Jesus was going to change the world, I’m thinking you wouldn’t put much on it.

It sounds like they’d rather feel sorry for themselves and take a nap. Worst apostles ever.

But that’s the thing. Something happened. A miracle. Something transformed these dispirited sleepyheads into saints and heroes who would travel the Earth to preach about the Risen Lord. And they would change the world.

So this weekend I couldn’t stop thinking about these men. It gives me hope that they were in shambles. Kind of like me.