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Coming to America…For Sex Selection

*subhead*”Reproductive Rights”.*subhead* Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was for these inalienable rights that the American colonists declared their independence. It is also for these rights that millions have traveled to our shores looking for opportunity and a… Continue Reading →

I Paid $50,000 for a Girl

*subhead*Whatever pays, plays.*subhead* Jayne with Emmerson, photo: David Solm I think future generations will look back on our insane notion of “reproductive rights,” and they will be horrified. Back in the 70s reproductive rights meant terminating a life you already… Continue Reading →

Eugenics Still Coercive and Devoid of Real Compassion

*subhead*What is old is new again.*subhead* Today more and more people are whole-heartedly embracing eugenics. They probably don’t know it as eugenics, but every time a human life in the womb or in the lab is cut short because his… Continue Reading →

The New Love Affair with Eugenics

*subhead*We Heart Eugenics!*subhead* One of the modern zeitgeists that scares me the most is the growing love affair with eugenics among the elite. Whether the masses are aware of it or not, elite ideas trickle down and infect our subconscious…. Continue Reading →

New IVF Embryo Quality Control

*subhead*Human QC.*subhead* In manufacturing, quality control (QC) is very important. A manufacturer always wants to put out the best product and eliminate defective merchandise. The same is true of IVF. With as many as 30 embryos created for every live… Continue Reading →

Is Sex-Selective IVF Harmless?

*subhead*Totally…not.*subhead* Aussie boy: “Hey Ma, where are we going on vacation this year?” Aussie mom: “We are doing something very special. We are going to circumvent the laws of our country and we are going to travel all the way… Continue Reading →

Gay Brits Come to U.S. for Sex Selection

The first gay couple in the UK to be recognized as parents on a birth certificate have come to America to ensure they have a girl.  Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow went to a U.S. IVF clinic and have hired a… Continue Reading →

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