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A Bad Decision by Obama

I’ve spoken with some of my contacts in Philadelphia. There’s no doubt that Obama’s going to win Philly going away (duh!)…but (and this is a big but) there are certain sections in Philadelphia that Obama may not be maximizing his… Continue Reading →

Boy Scouts Booted For Barring Gays

The murder rate in Philadelphia is abhorrent; 406 homicides in 2007. Currently, the murder rate is about a murder per day including police officers and children. Gang violence and drugs are no longer a subculture but out front and in… Continue Reading →

My Backyard Murder Rate

Philadelphia Mayor Brings in The King of the Unsolved Murder to Bring Down Crime. I live just outside Philadelphia. In Philadelphia the murder rate is in the stratosphere. So the new Mayor just hired a new police chief. He picked… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Lourdes Goes 2-3 in NLDS

Ninety minutes before the game, Phillies publicity director John Brazer had gone to the clubhouse on a mission, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. His mother Elena, a devout Catholic, had given him a bottle of Holy Water from Lourdes…. Continue Reading →

Phila. Archdiocese Goes Hollywood and Jesus Didn’t Get a Part

People sitting in movie theaters in the Philadelphia area waiting for the latest summer blockbuster to begin have been seeing a commercial promoting the benefits of a Catholic school education. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has been running the 30-second commercials… Continue Reading →

City of Brotherly Love?

City councils approve all sorts of silly resolutions honoring people or groups or special weeks and Philadelphia is no exception. Philadelphia is the murder and corruption capital of the world so it makes perfect sense that the City of Brotherly… Continue Reading →

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