Philadelphia Mayor Brings in The King of the Unsolved Murder to Bring Down Crime. I live just outside Philadelphia. In Philadelphia the murder rate is in the stratosphere. So the new Mayor just hired a new police chief. He picked the old police chief from Washington D.C.

So hoping that he hired a guy who would really be a go-getter I checked him out. What does the new police chief, Charles H. Ramsey, have on his Wikipedia page?
“In 1998, he became the MPDC chief. He has been involved in several high profile cases as chief of police in America’s capital city, such as the Chandra Levy murder investigation.”

Last I checked that was an unsolved murder. I’m not sure I’d be proud of that one. That’s not the one I’d put front and center on my wiki page.

Now, to be fair the murder rate did drop in D.C. under his tenure. I really hope he can do the same here in the most dangerous big city in the country.

Shocking thought: 35 U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq in October. That’s a little over one a day. That’s just about the same statistic in Philadelphia.