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It’s a Woman’s Choice!

A dude went to buy Plan B for his lady friend and the pharmacist freaked out on him. You’re thinking that it was a pro-life pharmacist, right? Nope. It’s a pharmacist who seems to have bought completely into the “It’s… Continue Reading →

Yay Sebelius! Wait. What?

The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius is totally head over heels in love with abortion and contraception. That’s why this move from her overruling the Federal Drug Administration’s decision to make the Plan B abortifacient available to… Continue Reading →

Over the Counter Abortions for Children!

Barack Obama’s clarion call for the separation of science and morality was heard loud and clear by one judge in Brooklyn. According to the FDA, women younger than 18 require a prescription to purchase Plan B, the abortion drug over… Continue Reading →

Bishop Lori Blogs on Plan B Decision

Bishop William Lori of the Diocese of Bridgeport wrote on his blog a post entitled “A Perspective on Plan B.” Plan B, an issue previously discussed in this blog (“Sad State of the Constitution State”, April 24th—see “Archive”) is back… Continue Reading →

ArchBishop Burke Refuses Communion to Connecticut Bishops

In a stunning move, St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, a veteran of clashes between Catholic bishops and politicians, has now announced that he’s turning his ire towards the bishops who ok’d Catholic hospitals administering of abortifacients. Burke has attempted to… Continue Reading →

Plan D – Prevent Episcopal Implantation

The Catholic People of America, joined by all reasonable people in the State of Connecticut, have issued the following statement on the administration of plan D for the Catholic Bishops of Connecticut: The Catholic People of America remain committed to… Continue Reading →

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