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Zoltan for President 2016

*subhead*Transhumanism heads to Washington.*subhead* It sounds like something out of a Philip Dick novel but it isn’t. Zoltan Istvan is running for President of the United States, not as a Democrat or Republican, but as a Transhumanist.  He started the… Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Mayor Forced to Tebow!

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Tebowing? For realz? Yup. He lost a bet on the Broncos/Steelers matchup. And this is what he had to do. I’m kinda’ not partial to losing the focus of why we get on our knees. I don’t think… Continue Reading →

Church Blackmails Pols With Excommunication

We’re told all the time by politicians how irrelevant the Church is to people’s lives but then why do those same politicians attack the Church all the time. A Polish government minister has accused the Church of using excommunication as… Continue Reading →

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