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Grandmothers Thrown Out of Vatican

A group of old ladies planted a flag in front of the door to St. Peter’s Basilica, formed a circle, burned incense, waved some feathers around, channeled thoughts from others into prayers (not sure how this worked), and had the… Continue Reading →

These Green Popes Are Killing Me

It’s bad enough Pope Benedict talked up the environment the other day because all my liberal tree hugging friends are now yelling triumphantly at me that the Pope agrees with them and Al Gore. That is how stupid my friends… Continue Reading →

Pope Benedict XVI, Martyr

We all know how that University in Italy reacted to a potential visit from Pope Benedict. They reacted as if the Pope were dangerous. I think we can all agree that it was ridiculous. But now the media’s spin on… Continue Reading →

Time: Was John Paul II Euthanized?

Time Magazine is quoting a doctor who never saw the Pope in person but based her diagnosis over the television in saying that the Pope was likely euthanized. Are you getting this? A doctor is saying the Pope was killed… Continue Reading →

Something Doesn’t Stink in Jersey

I have long said that very little good happens in New Jersey. I take it back -just for today though. A new stained-glass window in the foyer at St. Augustine of Canterbury Church is set to be blessed and dedicated… Continue Reading →

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