It’s bad enough Pope Benedict talked up the environment the other day because all my liberal tree hugging friends are now yelling triumphantly at me that the Pope agrees with them and Al Gore.

That is how stupid my friends are. If you’re for good stewardship of the planet, you’re with Al Gore. (I have to get better friends.)

I explain to them that I care about the world but I don’t care about Al Gore. I recycle but I won’t ever pay some punk to reduce my carbon footprint. I want cars to use less gas but only because it means less money in the hands of Muslim lunatics.

But if it wasn’t bad enough to have the current Pope going all green, we now have former Pope’s acting with an environmental conscience – from beyond the grave!

A tree blessed eight years ago by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Holy Land was the only one in its plot of land to produce olives this year, a Jewish National Fund official said. “It is a miracle,” Yossi Karni from the JNF, which maintains the plot, told

During a visit to northern Israel, near the Sea of Galilee, John Paul blessed a tree that was planted on the Mount of Beatitudes, where according to Christian beliefs Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount.

Karni noted that all the trees on the plot were treated equally, but the ones that did not receive the blessing have not given fruit this year.

“They get treated the same, watered the same,” he said, adding that some trees had even started to wither, which he could not explain.

Look, we all know everyone is on the lookout for miracles from Pope John Paul II. But PLEASE tell me, this won’t qualify. If we get just one environmental miracle, us disgruntled conservative, anti-Al Gore Catholics will be even more marginalized than we already are.