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Abortion and Cigarette Stubs

A buddy of mine has a pro-choice wife. Very pro-choice. In fact, she seems almost obsessed with raising the subject any time I see her. This past weekend I stopped by my buddy’s house to pick him up. We were… Continue Reading →

Greatest Global Warming Headline…Evah!

I know that the global warming nuts had to change their nomenclature from global warming to climate change on account of it not actually getting warmer. But this has just got to be the greatest global warming headline ever. As… Continue Reading →

Environmentalist Nuts vs. Animal Right Nuts

This is just priceless. In 2006, voters in the state of Washington went all hippy and passed an initiative that required utilities to buy wind power for energy. So a bunch of counties got behind a project to build the… Continue Reading →

Evicted and Killed for Carbon Credits

We often hear about how the Pope has caused millions to die of AIDS because of the Church’s stance on condoms. Never mind that the United Nations keeps lying to people by telling them that condoms will protect them or… Continue Reading →

Abortion Clinic Violated Environmental Laws

In what has to be the oddest coupling…evah…environmentalists and pro-lifers are teaming up against Big Abortion. This is one time I’ll say hooray for environmentalists. Hooray! Looks like the Operation Rescue folks went dumpster diving outside abortion clinics and discovered… Continue Reading →

Hey, Let’s Tattoo Global Warming Deniers

An columnist in a prominent Australian newspaper calls for tattooing global warming deniers- you know, so we can keep track of them or something. Or we could just kill them. Richard Glover writes in the Sydney Morning Herald: Surely it’s… Continue Reading →

Enviro Pro-EPA Ad Poisons Baby

What is it with environuts that they’re obsessed with killing people, especially children in their ads. Here’s the latest disgusting and disturbing ad from enviro-loonies where they poison a cute little baby. Here they’re saying that opposing the EPA is… Continue Reading →

Video: Behead Ronald McDonald?

Could these guys make a worse ad for their cause? I mean, if they really tried could they paint themselves as enemies of civilization in a more clear way? You know, if I didn’t know better I’d start thinking that… Continue Reading →

Ha! Punkd UN Delegates Agree to Ban H20

This is hilarious. Well, it would be hilarious if these people and their movement weren’t so dangerous. Aaaah, it’s funny anyway. HT Weasel Zippers

A Strawberry Flavored Apocalypse

Yup. The EPA is telling your kids at school that juice boxes are weapons against the Earth. That’s right. Your kids at lunchtime are drinking strawberry flavored apocalypse. And you don’t even care. That’s why they’re bypassing you and going… Continue Reading →

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