In what has to be the oddest coupling…evah…environmentalists and pro-lifers are teaming up against Big Abortion. This is one time I’ll say hooray for environmentalists. Hooray!

Looks like the Operation Rescue folks went dumpster diving outside abortion clinics and discovered horrors.

And now because of their investigation, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has determined that Whole Women’s Health of McAllen violated Texas laws regarding the disposal of fetal remains from abortions. The TCEQ has now closed their investigation and referred the matter to formal enforcement.

This is kinda’ like getting Capone on tax evasion but we’ll take it.

The case stemmed from a 3-month undercover investigation conducted by Operation Rescue with the help of the Survivors earlier this year.

Evidence gathered during that investigation was hand-delivered to the TCEQ, which then conducted their own investigation that gathered similar evidence supporting Operation Rescue’s claims that Whole Women’s Health was in violation of the law.

Operation Rescue’s investigators discovered packets containing the refuse from several abortions in an open, public dumpster behind Whole Women’s Health in McAllen. The pro-life investigators carefully photographed the aborted baby remains, bloody cannulas, which are disposable surgical instruments used in early-term abortions, and other bloody objects, including syringes and partially used vials of drugs.

The TCEQ investigative report indicated that “recognizable human body parts, tissues, fetuses, organs, and the products of human abortions” were illegally dumped by Whole Women’s Health, which constituted a violation of the Texas Administrative Code.

I know, it’s shocking. People who have no regard for human life actually have no regard for human life.

Operation Rescue spokespeople have said that they believe this same investigation could probably be done at every abortion clinic across the country. So anyone wanna’ go dumpster diving?

Operation Rescue has all the details.