Yup. The EPA is telling your kids at school that juice boxes are weapons against the Earth. That’s right. Your kids at lunchtime are drinking strawberry flavored apocalypse. And you don’t even care. That’s why they’re bypassing you and going straight to your children.

Mark Hemingway writes:

Of all the questionable lessons our schools are imparting to young kids, the idea that Legos are destroying the planet might just be the most absurd.

“Riding in the car one day with his parents in Tacoma, Wash., Rafael de la Torre Batker, 9, was worried about whether it would be bad for the planet if he got a new set of Legos,” reported The New York Times in May. Where once we dispensed practical advice to children about children about consumerism, “waste not, want not” is being supplanted by the lesson that want a new toy makes children part of an apocalyptic death cult.

This video explains everything: