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Pro-Abortion Street Banners in San Fran

How creepy is this? The city of San Francisco is hanging pro-abortion banners from street lamps like this one.The Life Legal Defense Foundation is challenging the City of San Francisco for hanging these death banners, saying it’s a violation of… Continue Reading →

Crosses Vandalized, Pro-Lifers Pelted with Feces

A pro-life display of wooden crosses memorializing the unborn victims of abortion on the campus of the University of Buffalo were vandalized and several pro-lifers were pelted with dog feces at a nearby abortion clinic. Jackie Anderson, communications director for… Continue Reading →

I Thought We Were the Anti-Science Nuts

You’ve got to see this video of abortion supporters ranting against science. I’ve always argued that pro-lifers are the ones embracing science even though we’re constantly accused of wanting to drag people back to the Dark Ages. HT LifeSiteNews.com

Pro-Life Display Vandalized

On Holy Thursday, pro-lifer students at Clarion University found that their pro-life display had been gruesomely vandalized. I mean, this is just abhorrent. Pro-lifers are used to their displays being vandalized but honestly this takes it to a new level…. Continue Reading →

Pro-Choice Mercenaries for Hire

The catch of the day goes to Denise Hunnell aka Catholic-Mom who found this ad on Craigslist. Hmmm, seems like Big Abortion is getting a bit nervous, huh? Because here’s the thing. It’s money they’ve got and people they don’t…. Continue Reading →

Remain Calm Pro-Aborts. All is Well.

Sure dozens of pro-choicers got booted from Congress but rest assured it had nothing to do with abortion. Did you hear me? It had NOTHING to do with abortion. At least that’s what Eleanor Smeal, the former President of NOW… Continue Reading →

“Help” Always Means Abortion

Brought to you by the pro-abortion nutjobs in Congress, a bill is in play forcing the FDA to prevent crisis pregnancy centers from saying they “help” women. No, I’m serious. Really. Michael Tennant of the New American writes: Imagine a… Continue Reading →

The People Must Be Warned!!!!!!!!!

Alert! Beware! Enter at Your Own Risk! No killing happens here! In fact, no violence at all! You will only find love and counseling during a very difficult time of your life. Beware! The Michigan Daily reports: FemDems, the Women’s… Continue Reading →

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