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Fr. Reese Confuses Honesty and Betrayal

Talking nonsense and calling it Catholicism has long been a specialty of Father Thomas Reese who said today that a majority of Catholics voted for Obama but if Obama actually supports the Freedom of Choice Act then he will have… Continue Reading →

Abortion is Chewing Gum and Gay Marriage is Walking

The always reliably liberal Father Thomas Reese wrote about gay marriaqe in Newsweek’s “On Faith” blog. In short, he thinks you’re too stupid to be trusted with the issue of gay marriage. For almost 2,000 years, Christianity has considered any… Continue Reading →

My Name is Luca

Perusing the varied reactions to the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, I believe that some early awards are due. The winner here really outdid himself.The award for best actor in an un-supportive role is Bishop Luca Brandolini, a member of the… Continue Reading →

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