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Women and Children First?

I read that Russia is demanding that abortion ads must carry a health warning. My initial reaction was that this was good news. But then I noticed that the reason for the warnings was an attempt to boost birth rates… Continue Reading →

Russia to Restrict Abortion

Russia has a baby problem. There aren’t enough babies – not close to enough. In 2009, there were 74 abortions for every 100 births in Russia, according to their own health ministry. You think that’s bad? Those statistics don’t even… Continue Reading →

Stupidest Press Conference of the Day

China and Russia jointly condemned a U.S. plan for a global missile defense systemon Friday, says the AP. So let me get this straight. The two biggest countries who’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars to create nuclear weapons to… Continue Reading →

Mommy, Why was I Born?

When children in Russia ask their parents about why they had them, the answer is increasingly likely to sound like the Price is Right. “Because by having you we won…A NEW CAR!!!!! With All Wheel Drive, a Cd Player, Power… Continue Reading →

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