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Aww. Weiner and Porn Star Bonded Over Abortion

It looks like Congressman Anthony Weiner will be stepping down at 2 p.m. today, according to news reports. The saddest part is that his demise started with such an innocent bonding with a porn star over ripping babies limb from… Continue Reading →

No Morals, No Scandal

We’ve kept away from the whole Anthony Weiner scandal for a while just because it’s just so icky. But I read this and couldn’t help but wonder what is wrong with Congressman Anthony Weiner? It’s looking increasingly like he sent… Continue Reading →

New Movie About the Sex Abuse Scandal?

Hollywood! The town that’s afraid to make terrorist villains come from the Middle East is now making a movie about the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal. How brave. Because you know, nobody’s heard or read anything about this subject so… Continue Reading →

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