We’ve kept away from the whole Anthony Weiner scandal for a while just because it’s just so icky. But I read this and couldn’t help but wonder what is wrong with Congressman Anthony Weiner? It’s looking increasingly like he sent a picture of his crotch to a 21 year old. And that alone is pretty disgusting and shows me the guy’s a creep.

But he did something yesterday which irked me even more but doesn’t seem to be getting any attention. When asked by a female reporter about the incident, he… made a penis joke to her. With dozens of other reporters around he made a penis joke to a woman and nobody seemed to care.

Weasel Zippers reports this incident:

Emily Miller of The Washington Times asked Weiner on Capitol Hill: “Are there pictures out there of you half undressed?”

He responded: “You know, this is part of the problem with the way this has progressed and one of the reasons why I was perhaps, if you forgive me, a little bit stiff yesterday.”

The guy just made a penis joke to a woman in a professional setting and guess what everyone did. They all laughed. Fox News even reported that reporters were “in stitches.”

What the hell is wrong with Weiner and everyone? The guy deserves a rap in the mouth for that, doesn’t he? Where are the feminists?

But nothing will happen to Weiner. Why not? Because you can’t be a hypocrite if you’re an amoral jerk. Weiner, far from being shamed from this scandal, now seems to be enjoying it- even admitting that the pic may be his but still denying he sent it.

He’s going to do like Charlie Rangel did when faced with his tax scandals. Just continue showing up to work. Everyone knew Charlie was a cheat and a crook but he didn’t care. He couldn’t be shamed because he had no morals about such things.

And it’s the same with Weiner. Far from seeming shamed, he’s making penis jokes at women openly. And everyone’s “in stitches.” I wonder if his wife is as well.

The problem isn’t Anthony Weiner, the problem is the people who just don’t care and keep sending this guy into power.