William McGurn shatters the falsehoods put forth by Notre Dame to support the election of an abortion supporter, Roxanne Martino, to their Board of Trustees.

The chairman of the university’s board of trustees, Richard Notebaert and University President Father Jenkins have been lying about her support, huge support of Emily’s List.

Notre Dame has put forth the lie that Ms. Martino supported many groups that provide a number of services and she had no idea that some were pro-choice. I call it a lie, because that is what it is. A lie. Emily’s list is not a women’s services group. They exist for one reason and one reason only, to elect pro-abortion politicians. McGurn says:

For as Notebaert’s message confirms, Emily’s List exists for one reason and one reason only. Click the home page of its website, and it asks you in big capital letters — some in red — to “HELP US ELECT PRO-CHOICE DEMOCRATIC WOMEN.”

If you continue onto the “What We Do” section inside the website, it goes on to say, “We’re a full-service political team with a simple mission: to elect pro-choice Democratic women.” Let’s underscore those words: simple mission. Let’s just say Emily’s List is admirably clear about what it does, and leaves no room for ambiguity.

Martino has given a whopping $25,000 to a group that does nothing other than support abortion. McGurn says that if we take them at their word, it calls into question their judgement. But I don’t take them at their word, not for one second. Notre Dame is lying, willfully putting forth an explanation they know not to be true.

Pro-life Alumni and the Bishop need to cut off Notre Dame until it completely rids itself of this filth.

Be sure to read the entire McGurn piece, it explains everything.