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Santorum “Appalled” at Catholic Bishops

In an exclusive interview with Creative Minority Report, former Senator Rick Santorum leveled criticism at both Senator Bob Casey and U.S. Catholic bishops for their stands in the current healthcare debate, even going so far as saying he was “appalled”… Continue Reading →

Good/Bad News in PA Senate Race

Conservative and pro-life Peg Luksik has declared her candidacy for Senate, challenging Arlen Specter for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate next year, according to the AP. Now what’s interesting here is how this may or may not alter Pat… Continue Reading →

A Pro-Life Senator from PA?

GrassrootsPA is reporting that former Congressman Pat Toomey, the current Club for Growth President, has announced that he may just run against Senator Arlen Specter in the primary. That is big news for people who care about the issue of… Continue Reading →

Bishop Puts Senator on Notice?

Bob Casey of Pennsylvania ran for Senator as a pro-life candidate; a fact which clearly made his defeat of pro-life Senator Rick Santorum more likely. But recently, many believe Senator Bob Casey has not lived up to the rhetoric of… Continue Reading →

Close to Infanticide?

Do you want to know how sick the Democratic Party is? When pro-lifers defend the partial birth abortion ban the best quote they can come up with from a prominent Democrat is this one from Sen Daniel Patrick Moynihan who… Continue Reading →

You Offended Baby Killers? Wow!

Planned Parenthood, whose new slogan will soon be unveiled as “Over 30 million butchered,” is saying they’re offended by senatorial candidate Al Franken, according to the Star Tribune. One question: How do you offend these people? Connie Perpich, Planned Parenthood… Continue Reading →

Has Catholic Senator Bob Casey Flipped on Abortion?

Is Democratic Sen. Bob Casey still pro-life? He ran as a pro-life Democrat in Pennsylvania last year and knocked off pro-life stalwart Senator Rick Santorum. Last Thursday Casey voted for an amendment by Sen. Sam Brownback to preserve the federal… Continue Reading →

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