Do you want to know how sick the Democratic Party is?

When pro-lifers defend the partial birth abortion ban the best quote they can come up with from a prominent Democrat is this one from Sen Daniel Patrick Moynihan who said of the procedure: “I think this is just too close to infanticide.”

That’s the best one we’ve got. Close to infanticide? Close? Folks, I’m not going to get into a detailed description of partial birth abortion because everyone reading this probably knows already but it is infanticide.

Look, calling partial birth abortion “close to infanticide” is not exactly a profile in political courage. But this quote from a prominent Democrat is the closest one to sane we can find on the issue of abortion.

The millions in dollars pouring into Democratic coffers from the abortion industry absolutely silences dissent on this issue. And very often in politics, money means votes. The abortion industry has bought a seat at the head of the table right next to the unions. What they say, goes. If you don’t vote with them, you don’t get money. And getting reelected without money is pretty difficult. It’s that simple.

How can we change this? People could just stop getting abortions and the abortion industry might have no money to buy a seat at the table of power anymore. But I don’t think that’s likely, do you?

But if enough people turn on this sick twisted practice of abortion and refuse to vote Democrat because of it, the Democrats will be forced to shun the abortion industry. But this takes education and education takes money and unceasing effort on our part.

People must be informed of the truth of abortion, a goal which the media isn’t going to help us with. And right now pro-life groups are notoriously low on funds, especially as compared with pro-abortion groups. We have talk radio. We have blogs. And priests and bishops finally seem to be speaking out with authority.

We have much to do. After this election, there’s going to be a lot of talk about the future of the Republican Party. It’ll be a battle between “moderates” and “the extreme right wing” for control of the levers of power in the still pro-life Republican Party. We’ll have to win that fight for the soul of the Republican Party or else in the future we’ll be quoting Republicans calling abortion “a sad but necessary evil like taxes.”