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This Soccer Coach Really Wants to Whistle

A soccer coach whose season has started out 2-2 has figured out what he needs to turn the season around. He needs to learn to whistle. He’s so desperate to learn to whistle that he put out an open call… Continue Reading →

Soccer’s Reeeeaaally Boring But…

To me, this is almost as boring as humans playing soccer. Almost. (Only watch the first minute or so and you’ll get the idea.) But I must admit that anytime an American team lines up against another country I’m in…. Continue Reading →

Revenge Killing Of Octopus for World Cup Loss

An Argentine TV host was mad at all octopi because…get this… a pyschic octupus predicted that the Argentinian soccer team would lose in the World Cup. So look what happened. I’m not even going to show the video because it’s… Continue Reading →

Is This Mass or a World Cup Pep Rally?

This is pretty awful. You’ve got a Catholic Church adorned with soccer balls, everyone (including the priest) dressed in orange in preparation for the World Cup final, and the priest smiling and as Al Kresta said “mugging for the camera… Continue Reading →

Idiots Raise a Generation of Wimps

A soccer league in Canada is making a really really really silly move by introducing a rule that declares any team that wins a game by more than five points will actually…LOSE!!! What madness has been loosed on Western civilization… Continue Reading →

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