An Argentine TV host was mad at all octopi because…get this… a pyschic octupus predicted that the Argentinian soccer team would lose in the World Cup. So look what happened. I’m not even going to show the video because it’s just too icky:

According to The Sun:

AN Argentine TV presenter furious with Paul the ‘psychic’ World Cup octopus has horrified viewers by liquidising one of his relatives live on air. Paul became famous for correctly predicting the result of eight consecutive World Cup clashes — finally picking winners Spain for the final.

But presenter Roberto Pettinato, from Argentina’s ‘A Perfect World’ programme, wanted revenge after the tentacled soothsayer called the results so well.

Argentine fans blamed him for their World Cup exit after he correctly predicted Germany would beat them and some have voiced a desire to eat him.

So after branding the animal a “Nazi” he grabbed an octopus live on air and claimed to be killing it as he hacked its head off and put bits of it in a blender.

Pettinato said as he lowered him into the machine: “Your moment has arrived, little Nazi octopus.”

Paul the octopus had a 100 per cent record during the tournament

How many things are wrong with this story? Psychic Octopus? Calling it a Nazi? Killing an Octopus on a television show? Soccer fans wanting to throw the octopus into a shark tank?

Seriously. What is wrong with soccer fans? Why can’t they just burn down their cities like Americans?