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Which Story is More Apocalyptic?

You wanna’ be scared. No one and I mean no one will be able to read this post and see this video and remain unmoved. And when I say you’ll be moved I mean you’ll be horrified. The AP reports… Continue Reading →

Now We Can’t Even Evangelize Space Aliens

OK. I don’t know how to say this. Really. You promise not to laugh? OK. Ready? Some atheists don’t want us to evangelize imaginary space aliens because the terrorists in the Middle East might not like it. Hey. You promised… Continue Reading →

Here Be Monsters!

So the Hubble telescope snaps these photos recently and then they go about calmly diagramming it. No. That is unacceptable. You know, you get all these bespectacled geeks around a telescope they lose their common sense. Did you see that… Continue Reading →

Star Trek or Religion

Star Trek had some pretty cool ideas. Even the spinoffs. Now I’m not a Trekkie. I’ve never worn the ears. I don’t speak Klingon. But one of the things about Trek was even though they traveled far and wide and… Continue Reading →

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