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Olympics Changes Rules on Transgender Athletes – Women Lose

*subhead*The end of women’s sports?*subhead* All of my daughters are athletes. It isn’t always easy when my daughter’s varsity basketball team plays after the boys, and the once full gym empties as the girls start their game. It is heart… Continue Reading →

Lance Armstrong: Pioneer or Cheater?

*subhead*Transhumanist poster boy.*subhead* After Lance Armstrong admitted that he cheated with performance enhancing drugs, I was waiting for the transhumanists to claim him as their own. It didn’t take long. The title of this Wired piece says it all: “Lance… Continue Reading →

The Sportswriter vs. the Archbishop

The push for same sex marriage in New York has been filled with name calling and harsh accusations, mostly from the pro gay marriage side – you know, the so-called “tolerant” ones. Sportswriter Mike Lupica is a perfect example of… Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two U’s

You know how I know we’re doomed? There are two stories out there right now that couldn’t be more different. Our reaction to them as a culture though is interesting. This story on MSNBC.com asks if perhaps maybe a college… Continue Reading →

The Notre Dame Curse

Call it the Fr. Jenkins curse. Call it the Curse of the Irish. Whatever. All I’m saying is that since Fr. Jenkins extended his invitation to President Barack Obama: Notre Dame basketball fell to Penn State which dominated most of… Continue Reading →

This Pitcher is a Champion

O.K. We all know the horror stories about athletes gone wild. But ESPN has a spectacular story about an extraordinary family. Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer went to Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. It seems they might have taught him something… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Ball Drops of ’08

In commemoration of the ball dropping last night, CMR has meticulously created a list of the biggest ball drops of the past year. 1) THE MEDIA – The media in this election year fell just a teensy bit short of… Continue Reading →

College B-ball Coach Recites Rosary Before Games

Phil Martelli, the popular and successful coach of the St. Joseph’s University men’s basketball team (And my alma mater) does have his quirks. He revealed some of them April 10 at a St. Martin of Tours School communion breakfast in… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Burke Criticizes Saint Louis U. Basketball Coach

The Jesuits at Saint Louis University are incrementally severing all ties with the Catholic Church and guess who’s calling them out on it? Archbishop Raymond Burke called into question today public comments made by St. Louis University basketball coach Rick… Continue Reading →

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