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Obama’s a Bit Like Obi-Wan

One thing you’ve got to love is how some Dems like James Carville are now saying that like Obi-Wan Kenobi, if you strike down Obamacare now, he’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. But let’s face it, isn’t… Continue Reading →

Little Girl Joins the Dark Side

This is just priceless. A little girl is pulled up onto the stage at Disney for a Star Wars show where she unexpectedly joins the dark side. HT Viral Footage

Baby Darth Vader

In a terrible and ridiculously smut-filled year for Superbowl commercials, this was the one bright spot. I love the way baby Darth reacts at the end. Awesome. A commenter sent in a link telling us that the child who plays… Continue Reading →

Darth Vader for Tom Tom

Funny video but I’d advise against buying something like this unless you think “geek” sells, which it doesn’t because let’s face it Ducky didn’t get the girl in the end. This kind of thing is only a good idea if… Continue Reading →

George Lucas Destroys My Childhood. Again!

I am officially heading to court today to file a restraining order on George Lucas. I am begging the court for a court order intended to protect me and millions of others from further harm from someone who has hurt… Continue Reading →

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