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I’m Becoming a Superhero

OK. I’m gonna’ get myself all decked out in kevlar, buy a jetpack, and put these things on my hands and then criminals watch out. You gotta’ admit, this is pretty cool. Does anyone know where you can buy spandex… Continue Reading →

8 Reasons There’s No Way I’m Seeing Green Lantern

1) Green Lantern has a lot of cool powers through his power ring but his weakness is a little too darn common for me to consider him a Superhero. GL’s weakness is…YELLOW. No, seriously. It’s yellow. Anything yellow and Mr…. Continue Reading →

Costumed Hero Fights Crime in Seattle

This makes me want to move to Seattle. I’m not sure I’d feel safer but it’d just be a lot more interesting. But in fairness, think of the poor carjacker who has to explain to all his carjacking buddies that… Continue Reading →

Muslim Superheroes Coming To Kids TV

This is crazy. Discovery Kids is renaming itself “Hub” and announcing a new show about superheroes your kids will love -if they’re into Sharia Law and all that. You know -Truth, Justice and the Islamic Way. Weasel Zippers reports: Hide… Continue Reading →

Trying to Do What’s Right, In Tights

A college student has taken to the streets dressed in tights calling himself “The Viper.” He’s got a utility belt that seems like he might be more equipped to fix your sink rather than fight crime as he’s got wrenches… Continue Reading →

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