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I Thought Abstinence Was Unrealistic

I love this story. CBS is reporting that a school district in Long Island, New York is urging students to abstain from touching each other due to the dangers of swine flu: As students across America prepare to head back… Continue Reading →

It’s Not Mexican and It’s Not Swine

Might political correctness have fatal consequences when it comes to swine flu? Whether or not it does, there’s no question that political correctness is playing a role in every step of how the government is treating this disease which Professor… Continue Reading →

What is Wrong With These People?

In what the Washington Post calls The Fix (Political News and Analysis,) Chris Cillizza writes what may be the sickest piece of journalism I’ve read in…well…hours. Cillizza asks the most pertinent question: How is Swine Flu affecting Barack Obama? And… Continue Reading →

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