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War on Humans

*subhead*Just another animal in the wood.*subhead* This is going to be a fascinating documentary: If you are not reading Wesley Smith’s blog Human Exceptionalism, you should be. This clip reminds me of Wesley’s quote on Starbucks cup The Way I… Continue Reading →

Technology as Savior

*subhead*Who needs Jesus?.*subhead* I worry for young people these days. I know every generation says that about the one that follows, but today’s youth may face a world where simply being human won’t be good enough. Augmentation may be required… Continue Reading →

You Are Sentenced to 1,000 Years

*subhead*Justice or torture?*subhead* Just in case you haven’t had enough of the “ethics” coming out of Oxford these days, here are more disturbing musings by Oxford ethicist, Rebecca Roache. You may remember Roache co-authored “Human Engineering and Climate Change” with… Continue Reading →

Obama launches BRAIN Initiative

*subhead*Therapy or control?*subhead* Obama has announced his latest project, the BRAIN Initiative. BRAIN is short for Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies. Hinting at this $100 million project (to start) in his State of the Union address, Obama pronounced: “If… Continue Reading →

Lance Armstrong: Pioneer or Cheater?

*subhead*Transhumanist poster boy.*subhead* After Lance Armstrong admitted that he cheated with performance enhancing drugs, I was waiting for the transhumanists to claim him as their own. It didn’t take long. The title of this Wired piece says it all: “Lance… Continue Reading →

Hope for 2013: Embracing human nature

*subhead*Natural is good.*subhead* Peering into the abyss of biotechnology, I have often mused that the problem with much of what goes on in fertility clinics and laboratories of the world is a denial of human nature. The denial that living… Continue Reading →

New Digital Series on Transhumanism

*subhead*Bryan Singer*subhead* Hollywood is clueless about a lot of things.  They don’t get marriage.  They don’t get true love. They certainly don’t get religion. But one thing they do get is transhumanism, the promises, the pitfalls and the peril. Bryan… Continue Reading →

Olympics and Performance Enhancements

I love the Olympics, especially the Summer Games. I cannot wait for the ultimate in human sporting events.  The test of speed, strength, endurance and most importantly, will. In my fantasies, I have always been an elite athlete instead of… Continue Reading →

Human or Superhuman?

Just a shameless plug for my latest piece at the National Catholic Register.  The subject is a difficult one: human genetic engineering.  It is an important topic and I am glad the Register decided to publish it, thereby introducing their… Continue Reading →


I have wanted to introduce Creative Minority readers to transhumanism for awhile now.  It is, in my personal opinion, the most dangerous movement that no one knows about.  When it showed up on a new Disney Channel series, I decided… Continue Reading →

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