Just a shameless plug for my latest piece at the National Catholic Register.  The subject is a difficult one: human genetic engineering.  It is an important topic and I am glad the Register decided to publish it, thereby introducing their readers to the world of genetic engineering in humans.  We Catholics need to become educated and vocal about this topic now while we still can influence the progression of this technology.

Unfortunately, as I expected, there are no comments or discussion on the piece, likely because it falls outside the comfort zone of many Catholics.  I fear we ignore human genetic engineering and other cutting edge biotechnology at our own peril.  While the pro-human enhancement movement is gaining momentum selling hard to Christians and kids with a new show on the Disney Channel, our Church’s wise teachings on the issue are not getting the attention that they should.

If you feel the topic is important like I do, please leave a comment on the piece, or share it on Facebook or Twitter, so the editors at the Register will know that it is a discussion worth having now and in the future.

Read “Human or Superhuman?” at the National Catholic Register >>

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