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My Anything But The DNC Post

I need a break, at least for today from non-stop politics. But everything I read today was politics, politics, and more politics. Pelosi’s disingenuous rantings, Biden’s a help to the ticket, Biden’s a drag on the ticket, Ted Kennedy and… Continue Reading →

Williams, PVS, and Some Poles

Some interesting but unconnected items. Well, sort of connected. They all involve the brain dead. First off, a few weeks ago the contents of a letter by the Archbishop of Canterbury (written several years ago) was revealed. In the letter… Continue Reading →

Stuff You Should Read and Some Other Stuff

First off, a note for anyone who happens to be in DC tomorrow and has an interest in architecture. Joseph Bottum of First Things will be “lecturing this Monday, March 17, at Georgetown University. Called ‘Living with the Dead: Why… Continue Reading →

CMR Varia

Matthew and I are always reminding each other to highlight some of the great work of our friends in the blogosphere and other stuff. The Pope has recently told us why we should have hope. Now Jen at Et Tu?… Continue Reading →

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