First off, a note for anyone who happens to be in DC tomorrow and has an interest in architecture. Joseph Bottum of First Things will be “lecturing this Monday, March 17, at Georgetown University. Called ‘Living with the Dead: Why Cities Need Cemeteries and Nations Need Memorials,’ the talk is at 7:00 pm in the ICC auditorium.” The respondents to the lecture will be National Endowment for the Arts chairman Dana Gioia, the New Criterion’s Roger Kimball, and the architectural historian Denis McNamara. A reception will follow the lecture, I’m told, and the event is open to the public. Yes, that is our very own CMR contributor DMAC. Do if you are in the area, check it out!


Karen Hall makes me jealous with her pith. Writing about Villanova incomprehensibly hosting Michelle Obama, Karen titles her post “Is the Great Chastisement Stuck in Traffic?” Now that makes me laugh as it is a question I often ask myself, where is the requisite biblical comeuppance? She adds that if ‘Catholic’ Universities are so uncomfortable with their Catholic identity, perhaps they should try something else. She writes “If they’re stumped for a name, I propose “Aztecs.” Read the whole thing.


Matthew of the Whapping has a funny post of things that he would ban upon the revolution. Here is a small sampling:

1. The word “chillaxing.”

10. Altar boys wearing anti-gravity sneakers.
11. Altar girls wearing anti-gravity sneakers.
12. Altar girls wearing strappy stiletto heels.
13. Altar girls.

15. Movie promos beginning with “From the Producers of Snow Dogs.” Somebody’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.
16. Eucharistic Prayer II.

We wholeheartedly concur. Read the entire thing here.