A few weeks back I put together a video call “Mad World of Barack Obama” about Obama’s fight against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. This video on you tube (all versions) currently has had almost 7,000 views in the last 2 weeks.

Since that time I had the honor of working with Jill Stanek, the whistle blowing nurse who is largely responsible for bringing this horrific practice to light and leading the fight for this important legislation. If you don’t know her compelling story, you can get the 10,000 foot version in her online bio.

So, in conjunction with Jill Stanek, I have made a slightly tweaked version of the video that focuses a little more directly on the infanticide supported by Obama. My thanks to Jill. If you are interested, you can see the tweaked version here. Please note that the video contains one brief disturbing image.