More Mad World of Barack Obama
—Updated: I have updated my video on Obama’s support for infanticide with the help of the woman who led the charge against it.

Stuff You Should Read and Some Other Stuff
—See DMAC live with Joseph Bottum, Karen Hall makes me jealous, and the Whapping cracks me up!

What’s so Right About Casual Sex?
—Why do we have to prove a negative when the facts speak for themselves?

Gnostic Gnuckleheads
—What gaineth a reporter to cover a story and lose her soul?

Anonymous Will Go to Jail
—Big Brother is watching and he wants to make anonymous posting online illegal.

Ethanol Breakthrough?
—When it comes to innovation, trust the little guy.
Vote Now! Before It Is Too Late!
—We need your votes in a desperate attempt to justify our existence!

A Fish Story
—Brevity is the soul of wit. Now get lost.

Lesbians Sue Christian Photographer
—The march of the progressive brownshirts continues.

Notre Dame Shuns Bishop, Embraces the You-Know-What Monologues
—The President of Notre Dame announced that despite his Bishop’s protestations he’s allowing the “V– Monologues” on campus.

Client Number Nine
—Creative Minority Productions brings you our tribute to Gov. Eliot Spitzer.Stupidity Alert!