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Muslim Cleric: We Will Take Over Rome

A leading Muslim cleric has threatened…warned…said that Muslims will soon take over Rome. Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futouh said recently that the prophet Muhammad foretold the Islamic Conquest of Rome. The Prophet Muhammad told us that Islam would spread. He… Continue Reading →

Vatican Suddenly Cool and Popular

Who’d a thunk that the path to popularity among liberals was so easy. Hey, the Church hasn’t exactly been asked to sign everyone’s yearbook recently. The Church hasn’t been in the cool crowd for decades and doesn’t get invited to… Continue Reading →

Vatican, Discovery Channel Team Up for Exorcism Show?

If you were to read this news article you’d think the Vatican was producing a re-enactment show about exorcisms. But it’s just people making yet another show recreating supernatural type stories with really bad actors are saying that they got… Continue Reading →

Vatican Newspaper: Homer is Catholic

This drives me crazy for two reasons. I haven’t seen the actual piece but L’Osservatore Romano seems to have declared that Homer Simpson is Catholic. I know. I’m getting this from the MSM so it’s possible it’s being misreported but… Continue Reading →

Bomb The Vatican?

The media has been fanning the flames of anti-Catholicism this month and now a columnist for the state owned ABC in Australia is comparing the Pope to Osama bin Laden and asking, “Why not bomb the Vatican, and riddle the… Continue Reading →

Organization?Yes. Obedience? Not So Much

Now don’t be shocked but it seems that people who don’t listen to bishops also believe bishops and priests are kinda’ unnecessary. Who’d a thunk it? Here’s the lede from Boston.com: Maryellen and Jon Rogers think they’ve seen the future… Continue Reading →

Author: The Vatican is Lying or Something

So the author Donna Woolfolk Cross who’s running around shilling her book about the historically elusive Pope Joan says that the Vatican is filled with a bunch of lying liars who lie when they’re pretending to tell the truth or… Continue Reading →

A Miracle In Kansas?

The Wichita Eagle reports on an amazing story that might just be miraculous: People in Colwich like to touch Chase Kear’s arm or his shoulder with their fingers. Or they hug him. “Miracle Man,” they say. “Let me touch the… Continue Reading →

Some Random Thoughts on Diaz

Miguel Diaz wrote an article entitled: “Outside the Survival of Community there is no Salvation.” I don’t even know what that means but something tells me I wouldn’t like it. Sounds a little “liberation-y” to me. With Obama’s recent nominations… Continue Reading →

Oh No! Vatican Newspaper Praises Obama?

OK. I’ve had quite enough out of these guys. Seriously. L’Osservatore Romano seems to be praising Obama, at least according to news reports. I don’t speak or read Italian but all the news reports seem to be reporting the same… Continue Reading →

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