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ACLU Wants Republican Votes to Count Less

The ACLU is standing against a bill in Pennsylvania that requires voters to show identification because old people and black people are reeeeeeaaaaallly stupid and don’t know how to get identification. PoliticsPA reports: State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe’s Pennsylvania Voter Identification… Continue Reading →

Don’t Believe the Hype of a GOP Sweep

Don’t trust those predicting a GOP sweep. Here’s the thing, nobody knows anything. Just two years ago all the prognosticators foresaw a new era of progressivism with the GOP being banished to the hinterlands. Let’s walk down Memory Lane and… Continue Reading →

The Swine Flew!

The moment was five years ago. Senator Arlen Specter was on the ropes and locked in a dead heat with little known Congressman Pat Toomey in the GOP Senate primary. Republicans had to make a choice. Vote their conscience or… Continue Reading →

Bishop Finn Takes on Freedom of Choice Act

God bless Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City who wrote a great piece today in the The Catholic Key explaining just what the “Freedom of Choice Act” would do for abortion in the United States and our responsibilities in… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Electoral Strategy

I thought this was very funny! H/T Penetrating Insights

New Video From CatholicVote.com

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