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Today’s Priestess

I love when received the Fall Fashion catalogs. Land’s End, J. Peterman, American Eagle. Love them. Can’t afford them, but I can look. Imagine my horror when received the Fall Catalog for the Roman Catholic WomynPriests.Although, I am considering buying… Continue Reading →

A Man Among the Womyn!

Last week we wrote about the Batty Babes in Beantown, the womynpriest movement performing their mock ordinations in Boston. I noted then that the ceremony was conducted at a protestant church, specifically the Church of the Covenant which is affiliated… Continue Reading →

Batty Babes in Beantown

Roman Catholic Womynpriests are up to their play-acting again. This time in Boston. Roman Catholic Womenpriests, who are neither Roman Catholic or Womanpriests, claim to be “ordaining” three additional women. In fact, it is actually an excommunication ceremony. [Boston] Three… Continue Reading →

Lost Ladies of the Lectionary

I know it is hard to believe but the enduringly disgruntled dames over over at Future Church are, well, disgruntled. Again. For the uninformed misogynists among you [read regular Catholics], Future Church is a group that openly agitates for the… Continue Reading →

CNN’s Anti-Catholic Spin

Well, the Vatican’s Congregation for Religious Doctrine released a statement clarifying a point in the governance of the Church: if you are a woman and attempt being ordained, or if you are a bishop who attempts the ordination, you incur… Continue Reading →

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