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Month December 2009

Better Late Than Never – Obama Condemns Iran

Better late than never. President Obama has finally condemned Iran for the brutal repression of the rightful aspirations of its people. I am not naive enough to think that this represents any kind of sea change in Obama’s policy of… Continue Reading →

Abstinence is GrrrrEat!!!!

You can’t stop kids from having sex we’re told all the time. But Tony the Tiger can! While the U.S. government and the the United Nations have gone cuckoo for the condoms, it seems that there might be a very… Continue Reading →

Abortion’s Side Effects? What Side Effects?

You watch a television commercial for a medicine that cures something simple like a runny nose and there is a telethon of side effects said in quick speak that they’re legally bound to mention. But a surgery to remove and… Continue Reading →

Do You Know What Liars Do?

Do you know what liars do? They lie. That’s what they do. Back in September Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress and took issue with something he said is not true, the suggestion that the health-care plan would… Continue Reading →

Sebelius: Everyone Pays for Abortion

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admits in this video that everyone will be funding abortion in the Senate “compromise.” This must come as quite a shock to “pro-life” Senator Bob Casey who seemed to think otherwise in an interview with Greta….. Continue Reading →

A Very CMR Christmas Message

In the spirit of the season we bring you the following very special Christmas message from the CMR brother-in-law, Pat Shay. Pat reminds of the timeless truth that while Santa may wear red and white, he’s no pinko. Merry Christmas!

A Special Request For Prayers

Matthew and I have a request. Our beloved brother Kevin is extremely ill with brain cancer. Without going into much detail, this is the type of situation that now requires a miracle and we believe in miracles. We ask you… Continue Reading →

Bob Casey is More Pro-Life Than You

Senator Bob Casey, who is still awaiting his much needed spine implentation surgery, is saying he’s more pro-life than you. Yup. He went there. Taking a cue from Patrick Kennedy who accused the Church of not being pro-life because it… Continue Reading →

Jimmy Carter’s Well Timed Apology

Jimmy Carter is sorry. (Or maybe not…) Jimma, when not spooning with Hugo Chavez, has said and written many bad things about Israel. He has substantially blamed Israel for much of what is wrong in the world and for just… Continue Reading →

Abortion: “A Simple Solution”

The Maryland Women’s Abortion Clinic is running an ad highlighting that abortion offers a “simple solution to a complex problem.” Does that make anyone else sick? And with federal funding for abortion coming down the pike, we’re coming into the… Continue Reading →

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