Do you know what liars do? They lie. That’s what they do.

Back in September Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress and took issue with something he said is not true, the suggestion that the health-care plan would pay for abortions. “Not true!” he said. He lied.

[LifeNews] Following up on the impending battle, ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper spoke with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs after their interview on “This Week” about health care.

“So, does the Senate language come closer to what the president wants than the House language?” he said he asked Gibbs. “Gibbs told me this morning: ‘Yes.'”

I know it always comes as a shock when known liars are caught lying. In September, when health-care was on the ropes, he took issue with even the suggestion that the health-care bill would cover abortion, because he knows how vastly unpopular that notion is. Today, when the bill looks to be in the bag, no longer is it not in the bill, but now it is even his “preference.”

Translation, I will say whatever I need to say to get what I want and I do not give a whit about what the American people want.

Obama lied and babies died.