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Month March 2010

10 Days of D Mac and Architecture: Day 4 The Temple Mount

I was lucky enough to have been asked by my good friend Fr. Barron at Word on Fire to try to enrich his pilgrimage web site with some short video clips on some of the places he’s been while making… Continue Reading →

Time for Obama’s Civilian Security Force?

The headlines are all warning about right wing violence that hasn’t actually happened but journalists seem to feel is imminent. Here’s a few of today’s headlines: Lawmakers concerned as health-care overhaul foes resort to violenceCoffin placed on Carnahan’s lawnSpitting and… Continue Reading →

The Easter Bunny Must Die

Among the peeves I keep as pets, chief is my loathing of the Easter Bunny. There are many reasons to hate the Bunny. I will get into why in particular the Bunny, but first to some other pressing business. Why… Continue Reading →

Islam & Comedy

When you think of Islam, the first thing that pops into your head is probably comedy, right? No you say? Well watch the following video. Islam and comedy, two great tastes that go great together! Hey, you have to start… Continue Reading →

Obamacare Will Harm Catholic Colleges

It’s understandable that the legislative debacle known as Obamacare dominated the headlines recently. But something important has gone largely unremarked on though I believe it will have a disastrous impact on the country, especially Catholic and Christian colleges. Obamacare essentially… Continue Reading →

The 1948 Educational Film: “Capitalism!”

I heard Michele Bachmann state today in an interview that since the President signed the health care bill into law, the federal government now owns or controls, for the first time ever, 51% of the US GDP. Car makers, insurance… Continue Reading →

Sr. Carol Keehan is the New Lloyd Dobler

Sister Carol Keehan now knows exactly how Lloyd Dobler felt in “Say Anything.” In the movie, Lloyd’s dream girl breaks up with him and as a consolation she hands him a pen. He famously says to his compatriots hanging out… Continue Reading →

Dingell: Obamacare Will “Control The People”

Come on. Tell me you’re surprised. Even a little.

Article V: Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Frustrated by Obamacare and seeming helplessness of the people to stop this affront to life and liberty? Well, helplessness is a reasonable feeling. Even if conservatives win the day in November and take the House, little could be done to… Continue Reading →

Love Obamacare? Thank a Catholic

The new healthcare plan has been brought to us by…Catholics? I was sickened to see Catholic Joe Biden standing next to the most pro-abortion President in the history of the country signing the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe. We’d… Continue Reading →

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