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Month December 2014

Everybody Loves Low Gas Prices Until It’s WWIII

Everybody loves those low gas prices, except of course those countries likely to start WWIII. A little more economic collapse and the whole thing could go kaboom. Crude is below $60. If it falls much further and stays there, which… Continue Reading →

Do We Even Want Dogs in Heaven?

There’s a lot of talk going on that Pope Francis said that dogs go to Heaven. Of course, he didn’t say it. But all I could think was yeah everyone loves dogs but do we really want dogs in Heaven?… Continue Reading →

This Papal Interview Changes Everything

Over at the Register, I write about how the latest Papal interview has me reconsidering my entire approach to the things he says. Please give it a read. *subhead*Magisterial or not?*subhead*

Ewan McGregor to Star as Jesus in Controversial Director’s New Movie

Here’s Ewan McGregor in a movie called The Last Days in the Desert, which recounts the 40 days and nights of Jesus in the desert, where he is tempted by Satan, who oddly is also played by McGregor. Which is… Continue Reading →

Miraculous Facts About Guadalupe TIlma

*subhead*Super interesting.*subhead*

Woman Aborts Baby at 28 Weeks Because of Baby’s Deformed Left Hand

A couple in South Wales has aborted their unborn child at 28 weeks after learning that the baby would be born with a deformed left hand. Mind you, at 28 weeks a baby has over a 90% chance of surviving… Continue Reading →

Catholic Hospital CEO: Obamacare More Important than Right to Life

When asked, “What does it mean to be a Catholic health system amidst reform?” Nancy Steiger, CEO and chief mission officer of PeaceHealth, a Catholic Health System, offered a pretty shocking answer: While not everything in the Affordable Care Act… Continue Reading →

Saruman Drops Another Heavy Metal Christmas Song for Your Listening Horror

This has become a yearly thing now. Actor Christopher Lee, most famous for playing Saruman and Dracula, came out with a heavy metal Christmas song last year that hit the Billboard charts. So now, he’s doing it again. The song… Continue Reading →

Hey Arch!! Wrong About Burke?

Hey Arch!! I just read at a blog someplace that Pope Francis denied that he demoted Cardinal Burke because of his behavior at the synod. Doesn’t this prove that you are a right-wing reactionary nutjob who just hates the Pope?… Continue Reading →

Hilarious. Obama Attempts to Quote the Bible. Epically Fails.

Epically fails. Obama was on a roll pushing for immigration reform and citing the Bible reminding all that there was no room in the Inn for Joseph and Mary. Yeah, ’cause that means countries can’t have borders. But then Obama… Continue Reading →

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