When asked, “What does it mean to be a Catholic health system amidst reform?” Nancy Steiger, CEO and chief mission officer of PeaceHealth, a Catholic Health System, offered a pretty shocking answer:

While not everything in the Affordable Care Act fits Catholic social teaching – most notably birth control and abortion – the whole idea of access to health care for all is a fundamental Christian, Catholic belief. That is a greater good over what we disagree with. And abortions are not done in hospitals fundamentally.

How can she say healthcare for all when clearly we’re talking about killing some at the whim of others.

And since when is a government health care a more “fundamental Christian, Catholic belief” than the right to life?

So the whole “seamless garment” argument just means that this part of the garment is totally more important than other parts. Seems to me if you start ripping some parts off you’ll soon be left with rags.

HT Puget Sound Business Journal