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Month October 2015

It’s the Greatest Law Commercial Ever. It’s Bryan Wilson, Law Hawk

It’s something like if the dearly departed Rowdy Roddy Piper graduated from law school and was intent on making sure nobody went to jail for DUI. Ever. And he hired Michael Bay’s more intense younger brother. I could watch this… Continue Reading →

Actively Gay Priest, Formerly of the CDF, Defrocked

I was waiting to see what would happen in this case. This is the priest who came out on the eve of the synod and held a presser to push the Catholic Church to change its teachings because of his… Continue Reading →

Where Do We Fit In Prophecy?

Over at “What’s Up With The Synod” I address where the current happenings fit in with the prophetic “Big Picture.” That answer lies with Fatima. Please go over and read it, will you? *subhead*Fatima is the key.*subhead*

Archbishop Chaput on the Synod: Strange and Hopeful

He seems to be saying “calm down.” These past three weeks in Rome have been strange and hopeful at the same time. Strange, because the synod reported in the media and the synod actually taking place at the Vatican are… Continue Reading →

Amazing Mirage Looks Like Heaven Has Apartment Buildings

OK. This is totally wild. It really does look like heaven has apartment buildings which, if you ask me, would be kind of a jip. I mean, weren’t we told there were mansions up there. That doesn’t look like mansions…. Continue Reading →

This Liam Neeson Ad for Amnesty International Reeks of Anti-Catholicism

I expect this from Amnesty International but not the guy who voiced Aslan. There’s a push in Ireland right now to legalize abortion which would require a repeal of the 8th amendment. Amnesty International Ireland has recruited actor Liam Neeson,… Continue Reading →

Speaker Boehner, Do Not Make Rep. Renee Ellmers in Charge of Investigating Planned Parenthood

The SBA List isn’t happy with the floated idea of Rep. Renee Ellmers being put on the committee to investigate Planned Parenthood. And I’ll admit, neither am I. Currently, John Boehner (who is still speaker, mind you) is appointing members… Continue Reading →

Did You Read What Damian Thompson Wrote About Pope Francis and the Synod

I was pretty stunned to read Damian Thompson today on the irony of authoritarian decentralization of power. It’s shocking title is “Pope Francis is now effectively at war with the Vatican. If he wins, the Catholic Church could fall apart.”… Continue Reading →

Woodlawn Movie Review

I took the kids to see Woodlawn, the movie about the football team in Birmingham, Alabama during the racial strife in the 1970’s. I’m telling you, it’s really good. It’s a Christian movie but wait, I know what you’re thinking…. Continue Reading →

Did The Pont Hint At Synod Infallibility?

Today at the Synod, in a speech commemorating the institution of Synod, The Pope used language indicative that the outcome of the Synod is binding. “Finally,” explained Pope Francis, “the synodal process culminates in listening to the Bishop of Rome,… Continue Reading →

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