I took the kids to see Woodlawn, the movie about the football team in Birmingham, Alabama during the racial strife in the 1970’s. I’m telling you, it’s really good. It’s a Christian movie but wait, I know what you’re thinking. Christian movie means poor quality, stiff acting, and a nice message.

The acting in this movie is flawless. You can’t go wrong with Sean Astin. Or Jon Voight. And the guy who plays the head coach is very good as well. The characters are all characters who you can relate to. The situations are grounded in reality -mainly because it’s a true story.

I think right now it’s the eighth movie on biggest box office of the weekend. Guys, we’re always complaining two things. 1) They don’t make movies like they used to and 2)Christian movies kinda’ stink. Well, you’re right. Hollywood doesn’t make this kind of movie but we don’t need Hollywood. This movie got made. And it’s really really good.

Look, it’s not going to be in theaters long so go see it. Take the kids. They’ll love it and you’ll love it.

*subhead*See it.*subhead*