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Month October 2015

Post Synod: What I Said Months Ago

This is what I said months ago about the closing document and the aftermath of the synod. Compare it to the stories of these past days and the now expected post-synodal exhortation. I stand by what I said then as… Continue Reading →

11th CMP Video Shows PP Doc Talking Partial Birth Abortion to Sell Intact Fetuses

PLANNED PARENTHOOD TX DOC: HARVESTING INTACT FETAL HEADS “WILL GIVE ME SOMETHING TO STRIVE FOR.” Yeah, it’s as awful as you thought it was. Dr. Amna Dermish, Planned Parenthood Late-Term Abortion Doctor in Austin, TX, Taught by PPFA Senior Director… Continue Reading →

Where Are We Left?

An excerpt from this wonderful piece, which I urge you to read the whole thing. In such a Church, where do you look for guidance and support when the wolves are devouring Christ’s lambs? What authority is on your side?… Continue Reading →

For The Record: Post Synodal Exhortation

For the record, it seems that some sort of post-synodal exhortation/decisions are now expected from the Pope. While the concluding document of the synod has unacceptable paragraphs that crack the door to institutionalized sacrilege, it is clear from the Pope’s… Continue Reading →

Gotta’ Admit, The Little Commie Has a Point

I love it when reality confronts hippies. It’s so cute when commies get all angry. Except when they’re in power. Then it’s actually scary. WSJ: On a summer visit to the grave of Karl Marx, Ben Gliniecki found that he… Continue Reading →

The MacGuffin

Don’t get fooled into thinking the final document of the Synod is the real threat. As I write at What’s Up With The Synod, the final document is a distraction from the real threat. Go READ IT. *subhead*Don’t be fooled.*subhead*

I Feel the Same Way John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry said he thinks any elected official who aren’t willing to act on climate change isn’t fit for public office. He said: But when I hear a United States senator say, “I’m not a scientist so… Continue Reading →

A Decade of Blogging – Is that a Decablog?

*subhead*Will work for prayers.*subhead* I cannot believe that I have been at this for ten years. My youngest child is ten, which means I was a novice blogger furiously typing over her adorable little body while I was nursing. I… Continue Reading →

Pelosi Says Fund Planned Parenthood for Pope Francis

The “DEVOUT CATHOLIC” Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that she believes Pope Francis wants Republicans to shut up and fund Planned Parenthood. Now, I know that Pope Francis has said some confusing things over the past year but he’s been pretty… Continue Reading →

Candace Cameron Bure Defends Football Coach Who Prays. Raven Symone Not So Much

Who cares what the ladies from The View think, right? What’s interesting here is Candace Cameron Bure’s great defense of the coach whose job is being threatened because he dared to pray after football games. But the other ladies, other… Continue Reading →

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