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I cannot believe that I have been at this for ten years. My youngest child is ten, which means I was a novice blogger furiously typing over her adorable little body while I was nursing. I am sure I had unrealistic dreams of glory and fame. Crazy.

In my very first post in August of 2005 I wrote:

Recently, I was discussing stem cells and cloning with an older gentleman at a family party.  He was very knowledgeable about biotechnology, but was surprised about many little-known and quite misleading facts.  He asked where I had gathered those facts, and I told him I was reading every pertinent scientific reference I could get my hands on. He looked me in the eye and said, “Young lady, it is not good enough to read, you must do something!”  I found out later he was a former U.S. congressman from California.

Indeed, I began to notice a general lack of understanding about contemporary issues in genetics, genetic engineering, and reproductive technology, issues that have shaped, and will continue to shape, the future of humanity, for good or ill.  I work with professionals whose business is medical genetics, and even they are confused about the pragmatics, not to mention the ethics, surrounding cloning, stem cells, and recent advances in genetic engineering.  If professionals could be confused, I feared that the average Catholic would feel lost amidst the scientific jargon and, unfortunately, the hype.

I decided to start marymeetsdolly.com to try and provide Catholics with solid, pertinent resources and clear, plain commentary so they could be more conversant with the issues proffered by the newest of the “brave new world” movements.

I think I have succeeded some what in my goal: to help everyday Catholics understand the science and ethics that surround all of the modern biotechnology that seems to move faster and faster every year.

Sadly, most young people today do not even know who Dolly the sheep was or how she was a pivotal point in science. Consequently many have no idea that the name of my blog MaryMeetsDolly means the meeting of the teachings of the Church with the practicalities of modern science.

It hasn’t been an easy decade. Many times I threw my hands up in frustration and nearly quit.

It hasn’t been all bad, of course. Many of you have written to me to thank me for tackling difficult and sensitive subjects, and for telling it like it is in plain and simple English. I am very lucky to have the support of the National Catholic Register, LifeNews, and Creative Minority Report. These very special people see the need to not hide our heads in the sand when it comes to big, scary, biotech, and I appreciate that they have given me a voice.

For a decade, I have rejected ads on my blog and have never had a “Donate” button. I felt blessed to have found what I feel God has intended for me. That has been enough to keep me going. In the past, I have only asked for your prayers.

But since I feel this is an auspicious time, I have placed a donate button below. If you have ever really loved one of my pieces and feel like you would like to contribute to my work, please feel free to donate. As the kids get older (and more expensive) and bills pile up, it is getting harder and harder to justify working so hard on a ministry that pays so little. Any amount will help me to continue doing what I do everyday.

What I need most are your prayers. Prayers for grace, wisdom, persistence and most importantly peace.

May God bless you all. Here is to another ten years! 

Rebecca Taylor blogs at Mary Meets Dolly