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A Decade of Blogging – Is that a Decablog?

*subhead*Will work for prayers.*subhead* I cannot believe that I have been at this for ten years. My youngest child is ten, which means I was a novice blogger furiously typing over her adorable little body while I was nursing. I… Continue Reading →

Surprise! You’re an “award-winning columnist”

*subhead*Toot! Toot!*subhead* In the blogosphere, there are times I think when it is acceptable to toot your own horn. This maybe one of those times, so I am going to toot away. At the Catholic Media Conference in Charlotte this… Continue Reading →

Morally Tainted

From my latest piece “Morally Tainted: Products Made Possible by the Killing of Innocent Human Life” at the National Catholic Register: Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey has introduced a bill to the Oklahoma Legislature that has caused quite a stir…. Continue Reading →

Let me introduce myself

There is nothing wrong with your web browser. Do not attempt to refresh your window.  There is someone without the last name Archbold posting on the Creative Minority Report.  Who am I?  My name is Rebecca Taylor.  I am a… Continue Reading →

IVF is Not Just For Infertility but Human Manufacturing to Specs

Rebecca Taylor will be guest blogging here once a week for the next month. Rebecca is a Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP) and a practicing Catholic. She has been writing and speaking about Catholicism and biotechnology for five years at… Continue Reading →

Cloning Archbishop Burke

I am hereby demanding a change in one of the key bioethical stances of the Catholic Church. I do this because I’ve noticed that all dissenters never “ask” the Church to reconsider her stance on things. Us dissenters “demand change”… Continue Reading →

Report: Catholic Hospitals Perform Abortions and Sterlizations

In a study of sterilization and abortion practices in Texas Catholic hospitals compiled from hospital discharge data for the State of Texas, whistleblowing Catholic medical researchers found that Catholic hospitals reported at least 9,684 cases of sterilizations and 39 legally… Continue Reading →

Barbarians in Tweed Coats

Assisted suicide crusader Jack Kevorkian is headed to the University of Florida for an October 11 speaking engagement — which will have the college pay him $50,000. Subsidized by taxpayer dollars mind you. So the same government which threw him… Continue Reading →

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