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In the blogosphere, there are times I think when it is acceptable to toot your own horn. This maybe one of those times, so I am going to toot away.

At the Catholic Media Conference in Charlotte this past week, the National Catholic Register submitted my commentaries to the Catholic Press Awards. They won first place in the “Best Regular Column – Culture, the Arts and Leisure” category.

The judges said my commentary was “Informed, interesting approach to this very complicated topic. Written in a way that most readers can digest and learn from.”

That is exactly my mission. I am not the M.D. Ph.D. Church scholar. I am the everyday Catholic trying to make the maze of biotechnology accessible to the faithful. It is nice to be recognized for what I strive to do on a daily basis.

The news is made all the sweeter because I had no idea my work was being considered.

Now that I am an “award-winning columnist” my husband wants to know when the money will be rolling in. I had to laugh. He will likely be waiting a very long time. Labors of love don’t always pay in piles of cash!

I am sincerely grateful to Creative Minority Report and the Register for giving my labor of love a home. There are few places that have the insight and vision to appreciate the importance of the topics I write about. Please give them your support.

In truth, the real reason I am posting this is because I want every Catholic to know, understand and pray about these pressing issues in biotechnology. The future of humanity depends on it. The more exposure the better.

So in case you missed any of my pieces at the Register here they are:

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