For the record, it seems that some sort of post-synodal exhortation/decisions are now expected from the Pope.

While the concluding document of the synod has unacceptable paragraphs that crack the door to institutionalized sacrilege, it is clear from the Pope’s angry and unbecoming closing speech that he did not get out of this synod all he wished.

As I have been shouting from the rooftops for some time, the final document does not matter. The damage will be done post-synod. The concluding document provides the opening.  Now it is up to the Pope.

Now, in an interview, Cardinal Kasper makes it clear that he expects the Pope to take that crack in the door and kick it wide open.

In an interview (reported by Rorate) Kasper says:

“I’m satisfied and happy with the work of the Synod. The final report (approved by a two-thirds majority) is a good text. Now it’s up to the Pope to make a decision. I hope he issues a document which highlights the joy of Christian marriage.” Cardinal Kasper, leader of the progressive front, draws up a balance of the Synod on the Family which has just concluded. In this interview to ‘IL GIORNALE’ he describes the atmosphere of the Synod’s work and the significance of an opening to the divorced and remarried being admitted to Holy Communion, something he strongly supports.”

This time, there is nothing that any orthodox bishops can do.  The Pope will do what he wants to do, which has been the obvious revised plan for at least the last six months.

This isn’t over, not by a long shot.

*subhead*Not over.*subhead*